Milko dairy (Mia Sahib Farm Limited) is an Kandahar (Afghanistan) based company, primarily engaged in business of manufacturing of milk products, Bakery & Beverages. Mia Sahib Farm was started in 2007 and over the year has constantly expanded in terms of manufacturing infrastructure, volumes and product lines, to emerge as a leading company in the dairy industry, the company processes about 7 million liters of milk per year, Milko is the leading brand of the Afghanistan dairy sector.

The company follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) program at every stage of production to meet the physical, chemical and microbiological to standards to ensure total quality.

Milko Dairy sells milk and milk products (Milk, Yogurt, Shlombey (Butter Milk), Ice creams, Paneer, Flavored Milk, Butter, Ghee & Sweets) at a national level through its sales and distribution networks for marketing food items.
Milko is an fully integrated PLC operated plant. The plant is equipped with ultra modern machinery , supplied by reputed manufacturers, a strong technical background and a highly competent and motivated team.
Area of operations
Milk Collection Centre
Processing Hall
Manufacturing Area
Packing Area
Quality Control
Cold Storage